How ViBrism-DB useful

Watch an YouTube video about TT methods

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Published on Apr 13, 2014

Here we introduce a new technique for three-dimensional mapping of gene expression patterns onto brain structures. The technique, called Transcriptome Tomography (TT), ...

Video D: 3D anatomical image of the mouse head produced with 3D-ISM

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C57BL/6J 8 week male mouse brain

Video C: Mapping anatomical areas virtually in the ViBrism space

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This movie shows how brain areas represented by 500-micron diameter spheres (BrainStars analysis points) are mapped in the ViBrism space. Bilaterally 46 areas x 2 are shown.

Video B: showing expression areas and densities of multiple genes in the 3D space

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3D view of 7 genes in the mouse brain

yellow: Neurod1, light green: Pax7, light blue: Slc6a3, dark blue: Spink8, orange: Gpr151, red: Acvr1c, magenta: Tmem40
  (cc) Morita 2011

Video A: ViBrism-DB Search by gene symbol

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webimage jp

Type a gene symbol as a query, and click "search", then candidates are listed. Click 2D and 3D to see the maps.

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